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H Avenue Konkuk Hotel

Hy ganks!!!! How are you? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
I reallyyyyyyy missssssss youuuuuuuu sooooo muuuuccchhh^ ♥♥♥♥
How bout you? Are you miss me?
So late and i knew... But, i will let you know.. The cutest hotel near from Konkuk University. Yeah!!! HOTEL hohoho
Hmm i got this hotel from a condominium application in South Korea exactly! Hohoho
Lets me to introduce you ♥♥

H Avenue Hotel in Konkuk University
Let's go to inside!!

Are you curious with the bar? Lets follow me!

I think that is will be comfortable!
How bout food's price? Let me to see you ♥♥♥

Good enough!
Lets to go to the room ♥♥♥

The bathroom is also cute! Really!!!
If you have chance to stay in Seoul for a few days, maybe you have to stay in here ^^
Just arround 90.000 korean won ~ 130.000 korean won/ night.
If you wanna go here >> H AVENUE
Or follow the maps bellow!!!


사랑 이렇게 떠나가네요 아무 말도 없이요 사랑 이렇게 지워지네요 흔적조차 없이요 사랑 이렇게 많이 아파요 항상 그래 왔었죠 사랑 이렇게도 살아 지내요 시간이 지나서 결국 난 돌아왔죠 사랑 그렇게 미워도 난 항상 바라왔죠 사랑이 싫어지면 다시 또 나는 외로워지죠 혼자가 된다면 조금 더 행복할 것 같았죠 사랑이 찾아오면 다시 또 나는 두려워지죠 다시 혼자가 될까 봐 내가 힘들까 봐
Seperti ini cinta itu pergi Tanpa sepatah katapun Seperti ini cinta itu terhapus Tanpa ada sisa Seperti ini cinta itu menyakitkan Selalu datang seperti ini Seperti ini cinta itu hidup Seiring berjalannya waktu, akupun kembali Sebegitu aku membenci cinta Aku selalu mengharapkannya Jika tidak menyukai cinta Aku akan kesepian lagi Jika aku sedang sendiri Sepertinya aku sedikit bahagia Jika cinta itu datang

Ehwa Mural Village - The Best Date Cost at Daehak-Ro Seoul

Hy hy!!! A few days ago, i an Vellycia visit the best date cost in seoul. Hohohohoho
EHWA MURAL VILLAGE that not far from Hyehwa Sation in Line number 4.
So, are you curious with the Ehwa Mural Village? Check it this out ♥♥♥

I wear Semi-Hanbok outfit when i visited Ehwa Mural Village. I also wear White Filla shoes that so comfortable to walk in high place. Hohoho
Velly who wear casual outfit change to be 'korean old student'. Yeah, she borrow the outfit from there. And pay around 5.000 per hours.

So unique is she?????
Huft..... If you visit Seoul, don't forget to visit Ehwa Mural Village too, ganks!!!
How to go here?
Just go to Hyehwa Station at line 4 And follow the blue line below

So, i have to go ♥
Thanks for reading 📚 Thanks for loving 💘

Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi
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I Have To Re-Entry Level 5

Hy... Long time no see!!!! Yeah......
I really really busy!!! Sorry.
Huft........... I have to re-entry my level 5 in Sejong Univ. Lol
Because of............. My Visa. But, no problem. I think i have to make my korean language to be perfect.

As you know, there is Culture Program in there. And this time, i and my friends visit Seoul Land. Yipiiiew!!!

Where am i? Hmmm i just be person at behind of camera. Hihihi
So interesting right? So, if you wanna make experiences in Korea as Student or for study korean language. Just entry to Sejong University!!!

Best Korean Tour with YOLO GUESTHOUSE Myeongdong

Hello ganks!!!!!!! How are you?
Sorry for no update... Hmmmmmmmmmmm
Okay just on the point. Kkkkkkk As usual, i make blog to review some place, restourant, etc at Seoul, Korea, and whole the world, am i? So this time i will review about Guest House near From Myeongdong.
Many people who travel to South Korea, especially in Seoul love to go to Dongdaemun and Myeongdong. Yeah. Myeongdong is famous with Korean Make Up brands, and also Korean Street Food. So, is not a mistake if you make reservations at YOLO GUESTHOUSE.

Why??? Not only about guesthouse direction that VERY near from Myeongdong, but.... Friendly owner, big room, and also many facilities provied by that guesthouse.
<room's pictures>
(You can reservation this room for 5~6 people)

So clean, isnt it???
You will get bfast every morning!

They also provides korean seasons fruit!

Don't worry for hot/cold water, microwave, and also you who love coffee as much as me!!!

How bout toilet?