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Gokana, Japanese Ramen with Indonesian Taste

Hello everyone! How are you?????????
Today,, i will let you know about one of a lot restourant in Surabaya.
After i landed in Juanda Airport from Malaysia, i told my brother, that i very hungry! So, my brother drove the car to go to Trans Mart and we go to Gokana, A Japanese Ramen Restaurant.

Lets go to inside, and look the price! (kurs 1000 korean won = 13.700 indonesian rupiah)

Do you want to know about the interior? While i wait the food ...

Our food are coming!!

Looks so delicious? Taste is so Indonesian. Not bad, cause that is really delicious!
In outside, there is Gokana's icon! I took my nephew with him! Kkkk

So cute! Hohoho
If you wanna go here, just go to Trans Mart in Surabaya.

Jl. Raya Rungkut No.25, Kali Rungkut, Rungkut, Kota SBY
Okay, i will back as soon as possible ♥
Thanks for reading 📚 Thanks for coming 🏃

Asam Laksa, Good Malaysian Taste

Hello everyone! How are you???? Long time no see,lah~~~
Yeah, as you know... Korean imigration is really reject my visa! So, i have to go to Indonesia and make new visa in there.
When i go to Indonesia, for first time i used Air Asia. I will write my Air Asia review in next article. Because of Air Asia, i can feel Malaysian's air!! Yeah! I transit in Malaysia for 7hours 50minutes.
I looking around in Kuala Lumpur Airport. And i found... The delicious Malaysian Food!

I spent 19 Ringgit Malaysia, and ate Asam Laksa in airport. The taste is simillar with Tuna Kimchi-Steam. But, Asam Laksa has strong taste.

In Asam Laksa, you will find noodle inside. But in Tuna Kimchi-Stew, you just find rice in there!
I feel good with Asam Laksa's taste. Not bad, but it's not really delicious too.
When you visit Malaysia, you have to try Asam Laksa in there ♥♥
So~~ Thanks for reading 📚 Thanks for waiting ⏰
Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi

Seoul Grand Child Park - The Best Place for Dating

Hello ganks! I will introduce to you about the best place for dating in Seoul, South Korea
Almost of you, that must be know~ i living in a room that very close with great place in the world(?) lol
Where is that? Yeah, Seoul Grand Child Park.
Why? Cause you can do anything in there ♥ Zoo, Amusements Park, Camping Place, Museum, Floral Farming, etc
Today, i makes my own music video in there. I did photoshot too in there ♥ hohoho My friend, Velycia, did vloging and Q&A in there... Hihihi
I will show you~ Our nice pictures in there ♥♥♥

Not only in here, i took vely's picture in front of zoo!

Not only with your boyfriend, or your something~ You can do anything in here with your best! Best friends~ Best Family~ Best Classmates, etc Kkkkk....
Hmmm.... I have to go to sleep Thanks for reading 📚 Thanks for loving 💘
Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi
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Camera Gimbal Stabillizer Under $50

Hello ganks!!! Woah ........... Time is go faster than i think... Today is 1st day of March. Altough late, but..... Yeah~ still 1st of March. there is many stories in 2018~ but, still not so much! How bout you? Are you create many great story in this year???? Today is new day, today is new month~ There is no AGAIN tears that fall in our face! Let's be fun!!! Lets be happy ♥
A few days ago, i bought Camera Stabillizer under $50 in online shop. And, 28nd of February, my gimbal stabillizer came! So exciting~
I will show to you

Lets to unboxing! Hohoho

I take my camera and put on this Gimbal.
Do you wanna see the result?

Video result with stabillizer is more better than without. Yeah~ i know... Both of them was shakie, like as earthquake :" so sad....
But, dont worry! I will more study about camera movement, About editing video, how to taking best video, and always write scenario... Untill i can reach my dream as Movie Director ♥♥♥
Please help me too~ Pray to me, for my dream ♥♥…