JUMP - A Funny Comics Stage

Hoy hoy, everybad3h......
How are you????

Hmmm, i am so crazy busy!!
As you know, i have to change my visa status, i also have to make study plan, make portfolio, have to study hard for last exam, etc.

And, today, i will let you know something!

I have told you about Korean Language Program at Sejong University, rite?
Yeah, after we do exam, we have a special class.
And we called that as 'culture class'

In culture class, we have to enjoy it! Sometimes we go to Museum, Go to Amusement Park (like Lotteworld, etc), Go To Park, and in this time... We visited Geuk-Jang (Theater). We will watch JUMP theater in theater building. HAHAHAHA

Aha! I will intermezo for little time.
So, before i visit Myeongbo Art Hall, i helped my friend, Marchella. Marchella will go to Indonesia For Good. In thats time.... We bring a thousand ton of Marchella's stuff from Marchella's Gositell to Airport Limosin Bus Stop in front of Sejong University Gate. Hahaha

Okay, back to laptop!!!

In front of Myeongbo Art Hall, we will meet with paparazies who will take our pictures!!!

One Two Three, KRIK!!!

We have to wait our classmates around 30minutes, but........ Nobody comes -.-

okay, lets go to 3rd floor!!!

Then, we will find

Today cast. I like Samcheon (Uncle) and also Son in Law.. Hahahaha

But,when i see clearly, they are not really handsome :( they are goodlooking, so, no prob! πŸ‘

After we go to inside, we take a lot of selcas!

I really wanna to take some video of the teather, but....... That mean as you are not appreciating their act!

I who ever be An Actor in a Musical Theater, will feel sad, when i hork hard, acting hard to make audience be enjoy, but, audience just focus on their monitor for taking our act... Huft.

That day, is funny day that be ever! Why? Jump Theater is so GREAT! I make my stomach be hurt :(

Not only that, i really loving my nowadays university! Not only best class and teacher that i got in, i also get thousand of experience in there ♥
I hope, my experiences will bring me to be GREAT FILM DIRECTOR


Okay, i have to go now!

Thanks for reading πŸ“š
Thanks for loving πŸ’˜


Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi


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