Hair Dye At Juno Hair Korea

Hy guys!
How are you???????????

A few days ago, i dyed my hair at Juno Hair with beautiful hair stylish who we called as Danbi Ssaem! Hohoho

This is not first time i dyed my hair in South Korea, but... This is my first time to dyed my hair in Salon. Hahahaha
Yeah, you know, that Korean Brand of hair dye is as famous as their makeup brand.

Lets me to introduce about Juno Hair!

When you come to the salon, you can see design interior like ....

(Back to Laptop!)

After the worker gave me time to take some picture, Dan Bi Ssaem bring me to make some discuss about my hair.
I have touble hair nowadays, so... I asked Dan Bi Ssaem to make my hair be beautiful.

Dan Bi Ssaem gave me recommends for dying my hair, with the best treatment that Juno Hair has.

I choose number 13. Hohoho

And... Let me to dying my hair! >▽<

After i got 'sangdam'
Dan Bi Ssaem and other worker ask me to sit down at the chair that was prepared.
While i waiting her, i got ...

Hohohoho hot mint tea as my favorite on my table!

Ah! They gave me plastic for covering my ear

While i waiting....

Beautiful Dan Bi ssaem comes to me, and show me a whipped cream that will mix with hair dye..

This whipped cream will protect your hair from the hard od hair dye! Yoo Hoo!!!



I must wait around 25minutes

After i rinse my hair... But, that is not finish!!!

Other treatment for my hair......

I have to wait around 10 minutes again... Hahaha

Then, i rinse my hair...

And........ Lets see my beautiful hair made by Dan Bi Ssaem!!!

Woooah.......... My hair is looks healthy, smooth, and soft!!! Can i be hair shampoo model? Hahaha

Aha! There is some discount in here

Not only discount!

There is....

If you do hair spa, you will got 1 pcs of hair treatment!


Lets go to Juno Hair, and meet Dan Bi Ssaem for your beautiful crown!!!

Just go to Bonghwasan Station at line number 6, and follow the blue line ♥


Okay, i have to go!

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Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi


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