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EXO Dolls Boutiques at Hong Ik University

Hello all!!! How are you? A few days ago, i visited Hong Ik University.. And in there, i find the unique one! Yeah, i find clothes store, but for KPOP Idol's dolls.
Let's go to follow me!!!

I searched on naver map, and can't find the store... So, i can't give you know about the store place...
But the place near from Hong Ik University Station Line 2 (Green Line) exit number 9.

Let's go!!!

So cute rite!!! You have to go to 6th floor to get all of exo or other kpop idol's doll's stuff kkk

Yeah... At 6th floor ♥♥♥

When i found the map on Naver, i will update this post soon ♥

C U Later ♥

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Hello ganks!!! How are you?????????????
Today, i will let you know! I just bought HIGH CUT MAGAZINE #216 WINNER EDITION hohoho
Yeah, i bought online at YES24 dot com.
I really like that!!! Why??? Cause, i paid on 11 a.m and on 7p.m my magazine came >▽< oh yeah!!!
Are you curious????

If you curious with other poster, just buy by yourself! Kkkk
I really appreciated Winner As Korean Idol to making a lot of money, so, i will not share all of winner poster in this magazine. Sorry!
Hmmm... I hope you can appreciate your idol too ♥♥
Okay~~~ i will back soon! Thanks for reading πŸ“š Thanks for loving πŸ’˜
Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi
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Short Hair at Satin Hair Korea

Hello ganks!!
As my promise at last post.. I will tell you That i just cut my hair to be short hair ♥♥♥
Yeah, just for information I LOVE SHORT HAIR since i am on child...
My mom is never let my hair be long... If i have long hair, just around shoulder? Hehehe And thats why.... I love Tiffany so much in Girls Generation since they was debut. And i like Jessica since on Gee Music Video.
Two days before i go to South Korea at 2014, i cut off my hair to be short, and i never cut off again untill 2018 γ…  so, when i looks people with short hair, i feel envy! Yeah i envy! I wanna cut my hair!!!
But ..... But.... But.......
I did it today πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
I cut my hair!!! At korean salon... Make my hair looks like korean people(?) lol But... I really love it!!
Wait~ i will show you about the salon first!

There is event for everybody who wanna curly their hair.

Lets go to inside!!!

This salon is one of famous salon in Seoul, that's why...... So crowds γ… γ…  many people in inside... Huft... 
The Salon ha…

[REVIEW] Pink Aura Cushion No 23

Hy ganks! How are you????
Today, i will write about korean makeup review. Long time to do this, rite? Hihihi
So, this time i will review cushion product, producted by
PINK AURA Cushion ♥♥♥
So, let me to show you about the package

Lets break the plastics!

I used refill products. Becuz i think cover is not important :( that important is about products ♥
You will see sponge and also cushion in inside plastic

Hmm houw bout the color? Let me to show you ♥

I bought number 23. Cause, number 23 as same as my skin tone color.

I tried number 21. So white! >▽< hahaha

After around 4 hours i use this cushion...
I love this cushion..
Actually, i really hard for find cushion that can match in my skin. No about color, but about cushion quality.. γ… γ… 
This cushion's color is not change easily! And also so moisturize in my skin! Not easy to break on my skin too ♥
I really recommended this cushion for you who have indonesian skin like me!!! With big pore, and also dry skin γ…  But, i d…

SUGAR LAB, You Do Wanna Slim, Don't You?

Hello ganks! Today, i visited a beauty clinic in Gangnam Area. Yeah.... I got some treatment to get slim fast as i can! Hohoho As you know, South Korea is BEST in BEAUTY TREATMENTS... So~
Follow my story!
So, i have to make reservation in this clinic first Actually, i make reservation at 5pm. But, around 3pm i gone from my place.
And, i arrived at 4pm

The store is 4th floor, when you take off from elevator, you will show this banner! Do wax in this place, and get a doorprize for Jeju Holiday

Go to right, and you will find this.

This is wax price. But, i do not do wax! I do slim treatment >▽<

When i go inside, i took many pictures inside! This clinic has own make up brand! So interesting!

Lotion, mask, etc

Jikwon gave me ice americano as my fav! Wohoooo my kiss mark >▽< LOL
I got this for my 3 days diet treatments!
If you done, lets go to inside!

In inside, you will heard classic songs... So calm

This is also their lotion treatment

This is too!

You have take off your cloth…