PC Room Dating, Met New Family, and Visited Waterfall Park

Hello ganks!

How are you? (:

Today is different from another day.

Why???? Cz i did dated in PC Room hahaha

No, no, no.... That is not really dating. That is just because i visited PC Room with my new korean friends, their name is Park Yong Bin and Yeom Hyo Sung.

Where i met them? Answer is.... I met them in Kakaotalk Open Chatting for everybody who born at 1995. Lol.

Yong Bin asked me, where do i live? And then, not need for long time, Yong Bin and Hyo Sung go to my surround.....

He teaches me about game online from kakaotalk. And, as usually, i can't do war game like that! I died, and I got headache. Huft....

After i got lesson about that game, Hyo Sung asked me to follow him to get some food! So, i and him decide to eat Japan Food. *i really wanna eat japan food*

Ah~ they are 23 years old. Like me ^^ who born at 1995. In korean ages, someone who born at 1995's age is 24 years old. I hate korean ages kkkkk

Ok~ back to laptop!

When I and Hyo Sung walk arroung for search Japanese restaurant, Yong Bin called Hyo Sung by phone. Asked us to follow him to eat with his family. that is because today is Yong Bin's brother's bday party.

We go to the restaurants as soon as possible.


(Beef bulgogi)

(Pork BBQ)

(I can't eat this USUS BABI 😰)

Ah! Yong Bin has little sister who very very cute!
I love it! When she called me as 'eonni' ....
I feel, i have lil sister

I have not any selca with Yong Bin's lil sister. But, Yong Bin's father said, we will meet again in next chance ^^

happy to heard that!

Yong Bin's lil sister's name is Eun Hye. His family name is Park. So.... Park Eun Hye ^^


Eun Hye gave me jelly!

So cute, isn't it?! Hohoho

*i forgot my calories in a while*

After ate much, Yong Bin, Hyo Sung, and me go to Coin Karaoke!

We sang a lot of song! (:

When i sang I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, Hyo Sung and Yong Bin told me, if my voice is great. Hohoho so shy >///<

We spent 3000 korean won for sang 12songs.

I and Yong Bin made duet. Good Day by IU
With Hyo Sung is Friday by IU, and Some by Soyu ex-sistar. And for last, i sang I Dream by 15&


We go to waterfalls park in Yong Ma Mountain. Just around 30minutes from Grand Child Park.

Yong Bin said, this is winter, so there is not waterfall. And, we decide to go there again in Spring or Summer. Hohoho

So, i have to Study Hard, and get my target!!! Korean Permanent Residence ♥.♥

Plz pray for me too!!!hohoho

Okay, i will sleep

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You are GREAT 👍


Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi


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