My 23's Wishes Bday

As the tittle, i will make 23 wishes for my 23 years old at 29th January 2018 🙏

1. Make me to meet kind peoples. Just people with kindness in hard line

2. Let me change my korea visa to be student visa

3. Let me to continue my university

4. Make some of my dreams comes true

5. Make my travel agency to be more success

6. Make my parent to be health

7. Let me be princess

8. Let me to meet a lot of Boy-Friends

9. Let me forget all about Park Jin Beom

10. Make a lot of fun activity

11. Let me make some videos based my short story

12. Let me to join Film Competition, and also do my 1st fansign on my 1st novel.

13. Altough i want to forget all about Park Jin Beom, don't let my mind to think Park Jin Beom was die :( let me to keep him on my deep heart

14. Let me find my lover (just for experience)

15. Make me find a lot of new family

16. Make me to keep in touch with Jae Hyun

17. Make thousand of experience

18. Let me holiday in Sydney at August with my lover

19. I want to something special in every each day

20. I want to success at all of my korean/education test

21. Let me be slim

22. Let me to fix my own

23. Let me to be wife and mother in 4 years later.


Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi


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