Han Tang - Jokbal Restaurant at Hong Ik University

Hello dear! How are you?

Actually, i really wanna post this as soon as possible. But, i feel lazy. Huft

So, few days ago, i and korean blogger, visited A Pork Restorant around of Hong Ik University.

Yeah, that time, i really wanna eat Samgyeopsal (Pork BBQ) but, in fact the restorant is not Pork BBQ's Restorant. So. Okay, i think no problem to eat that.

And...... TADAAAAA

When i search about the restorant from search engineering 'naver' i found .....



I ever let you know that I DON'T LIKE JOKBAL (PORK'S LEG) but, i eat for twice -.-

this time as same as i have sign to give a second chance. Yeah, i think.. I always give second chance for anything! And.... I scare to give him second chance too </3



This restorant is different! Do you know?
Jokbal from this restorant is so soft! And there is no weird smeel. Fatty? Yeah... Jokbal is fatty food! But............... This jokbal is really really different! The fatty is not much as the last of jokbal's restorant.

Restorant's owner said, for make low fat of Jokbal, he must to set the fire. Temperature of fire is important also!

So, are you curious with the jokbal????

I will let you show this restoran's jokbal ♥

How is it? Looks delicious, rite??????

I didn't eat the fatty and skin of this jokbal!

Aha!!! The kimchi has good taste too ♥

Made by Pear. Perfect Taste of Kimchi ♥

not only Pear Kimchi, for dish menu, they prepare tofu, and bean sprouts

The other kind of vegetables's korean food.

Ah! They made the sauces by self!

In here, Pork's Leg is famous, but this restorant is also serve about KIMCHI-JJIGAE

Sup Kimchi with Pork's meet ~(^-^)~


That meet is so so so BIG!!!

In Naver, this restorant is famous because of the beer too ♥.♥

I who drink some of alcohol, asked the owner for THE BEST BEER in their menu >▽<

He told me, this beer came from Hawaii. So, not really cheap.

The taste? So GOOOD!!! If you compare with Korean Beer..... I think, is not fair :(: cause,

My friend took the finger of pork leg. So cute >▽<

Oh ya!! She said, pork's leg has a lot of collagen. That will make your skin looks like baby's skin.

you can find Pork's collagen in there!!! Under of Pig's skin.

I know, now.... The first secret of Korean Skin.
Because of her! She told me, A Lot Of Korean is like to eat that collagen! 😱😂

I am not eat a lot, cause, i decide to do diet.
When you on diet, and you eat pork and drink beer.... You need min. 2 weeks for make your belly ㅠ

After, we eat as much as we can, we must to pay. I will let you know the menus of this restorant!!!

Expensive 🐼
But...... Is equal with the taste!
I not try to lie... 

For you who dislike Pork's Leg cause of the fatty. I am not recommended. But, you have to eat in here once!!!

For who can't eat pork because of religion, or something like on diet, or anything.. please don't to try!!!

Go to Hong Ik University Station at Line number 2. Go to exit 3, and just follow the images bellow to go this restorant!

I have to back to reality! D.I.E.T

Okay, let see in next opportunity >▽<

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Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi


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