NEMO - The Beautiful of Party Room Near Konkuk University


Hy guys!!!

Lama banget yaaa kita tidak berjumpa >▽< hohoho
Long time no see ♥♥♥

How are you????

Today, i met ujung oppa and Velicya... Hmm i met Lucas also >▽<

Me and them, decided to made a lot of youtube contents!!! So... In early morning, i searched about party room in seoul.

Actually, i got one at Gangnam. But.... Full booked. So, i re-search near from my house!

And... This is it!!!!!


If you go inside, you will found the beautiful interior! Dont you belive me???

Let's me show you!!!

Match for you who love photograph!!! Causeeeee


Not only for photograph, you can use this room as your party room! Pajamas party, celebrate yout anniversary, dating with your boyfriend/girlfriend, celebrate your bday party, studio music video, etc!!! So usefull ^^

If you wanna go there, you have to make reservation first (:

Just go to Grand Child Statoon ext number 4, and you will find this out!!!

Or go to the website!~

Wait for our youtube video!!! ♥♥♥

** if  there is party room in your country, let me to know!!! Just write on comment bellow ♥♥♥ thx


Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi

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And for last but not really last



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