Jeong Guk Jang - The Smelly Korean Food

Hy Guys...

Did You Know DURIAN??? Yepssss!!!! Indonesian's fruit which has bad smelly but if you eat that, you will feel in heaven.

Yeah!!! Korea is also have that similar food, they called as "Jeong Guk Jang" (정국장)

I am not sure how to make it, but.... I saw some beens in there. Hmmm you already can smell that smelly in 3meters.

I can explain how about that smell, but.... I think the smell is similar with dirty laundry.

are you curious with the Jeong Guk Jang? let me to see to you... :)

Taste? Not bad,but not good. if you like 된장국 (Dwaen Jang Guk) the taste is similar. the smell is similar too, but....... much smelly hahahaha

Not only 정국장, I and my friend are eating Bibimbab too. the Nasi Campur Korea hahahahahahahahah

So, Delicious isn't it?

For musleem, don't worry! Cause this food is halal food (: there is not pork ♥♥♥

I will go to shower, now... See you next time ♥

Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi

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