If You Have Not Anyone, Just Believe God Will Always With You

Hy anyone......... How are you???

Today, i will post about my 'uneq-uneq'
Something that make my mind, my brain, being messy!!!

What is that???

As you know... I am not realigious people, i eat pork, i drink alcohol, not wear hijab, i do party.. And anything that people said.. It is not true in Islam

But...... Can you don't judge me by cover???

I know, i don't need to explain to you, how i close with God?

Hmm.... In this post, i will not explain about that. Because i won't you know about my relation with God.

All of religion is best!!! All of them teach about the kindness, patients, help each other, etc.

Fyi, i am not good listener enough. Specially if you told me about gossip. I really hate to listen that.

I am people, i am person, i living like other person. I have problem, i have a lot of problem that will i share with you... But.................

When i start to falling in love (to the old money(?)) i dunno with who i can tell my story........ I just tell to you, or my surround at 2016. And start from that moment, i believe. God have plan to me. God is the best of the best for listen.

I always tell my day with Him. With God. My happy life, my difficult life, i try to always say thanks to him.

In today story... I just wanna tell to you.......... Just believe, god is always in beside you!

God knowing everything, but... If you didnt tell to Him. He will feel 'you can to do it'. Same as when you tell something to your parent at kindergarten. Your mom know everything about you, include when you make fight with your friend, "Mama, today i do something bad to my friend and make her cry". Like that but, you will not make your mom know about that.

If you told your mother, your mom will give you some advices, "i hope, you not do that again next time" or .... "Okay. Mommy will tell to your teacher to make you move from that table" or... Anything like that.

God is like that. God is same as your mama.

I know... I born from the best family ever.... I have great mama and great papa. My life is almost perfect.. (Not for love with the old money?!)

Very thanks to God. Because my parent is not ask me to do it and do that as like as they want. My mama and my papa tell me "just be kind, dont hurt other people, that is enough.. Mama and papa is not ask you to be clever, to be presiden, to be doctor, or something like that. Just do what you want..... Keep feedom, without make other people being hurt...."

How lucky am i???? And, nowadays..... I have many old friends that call me back, and suddenly they tell about their story. About their parents.. About their school, their other friends... Their love story, and make me to give them advices.

When i give them advices, and they told me "i was... I did it same as you! But no different" ...

I just ordinary people. ORDINARY PERSON!!! I confused how to do with your parent.. How to do with your lifestory........ Just tell everything to your god. It is enough! Tell to god... You have bla bla bla.... You close with god, but you just tell about your happy lifestyle. Yah... God will not giving you help.

Are you believe, if person feel always different? Today said A, 2 days later is B. And in night back to A or change to be C .... No one can do that!!! Just God can do that. Plz..... Just tell god.... Let God know bout your deep mind....... Please.....

And, i hope, if you 'a reader that feel if this story is you' LET ME KNOW!!! DONT WRITE ON YOUR SNS! YOU ARE ADULT ENOUGH.... Actually i don't want to write this in my blog. But............... She block me already. Idiot!

I just ordinary person. So, for you or anyone that will share your story with me, and get some advices.. I just do that i can do. And plz let God to help you.

Keep believe. God is Always beside you... (♥♥


tuhan ga bakal ngerubah sesuatu, kalau kamu engga mau ngerubahnya sendiri


Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi

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