Halloween Party with Everland


I am back...... hihihi

In this week, I went to Everland for twice kkk

and I think, this is my 3rd post about EVERLAND hahahaha

Yeah, as you know... the first one is for guide A Indonesian Couple who visiting Seoul for vacation, and in this time, I went Everland with my beloved friend. hohoho

I and them go to Everland in 9 a.m from Gangnam Station. hmmmm for the next story, you can watch my youtube video! (:

I saw panda and I met zombies... hihihihi

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If you visit South Korea, don't forget to go to Everland, and lets do Halloween party ★

Hmmm... I will go to sleep now~!

Enjoy your diet, enjoy your life. because beautifull is need to fight!

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and for last but not really last



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