Bigbang Seungri's Aori Ramen Konkuk Univ Store

Hy!!! Long time no see (:
How are you? I am always being good and have to being good. Amen!!!

Today, i will let you abt Bigbang Seungri's Ramen Resto that called as AORI.

Nah, my friend ask me where is Aori Ramen, and when i search... I got the closer one that just open in there ♥

Where is it???? Lets follow me!!!

So, i go there for eat lunch.

Lets go to second floor ♥♥♥

And this is the menu of that ramen... You also can add the toping if you want.

While i wait my ramen come..... I took some picture. Interior pictures >▽<


I ate the 10.000 korean won of ramen.

Taste good, i like egg and also the bake of bacon ♥
♥ ♥ if you bacon or pork lover.... You have to eat this!!!

For you who eat small... This ramen is enough. But..... Not really worth about prices ): more expensive than othe ramen in south korea. Hmmm because of the BIGBANG's Seungri i think.. Or because of water that from JinRi Mountain? Kkkkkk

Whatever. But..... For taste, i will give score 4 from 5. But for price... I give give 3 for 5.

I have to go, guys... C u next time!!!


Enjoy your life, Enjoy your Diet. karena cantik itu butuh usaha hihihi

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