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Simple Hallowen Costumes Party Ideas - Korean Culture Exchange Part.2

I know, you already read part one, before hahaha
Yeah, part one in here >> My Culture Exchange Experience
I really confused, what will i wear on my first halloween party. So, i ask my friends. Not only ask to friend, i also ask to youtube. The simple halloween costumes. And i got one!
The simple costume ever!!
I have white dress, and the dress is mini dress. Hmm i also have the long one. So, i just bring two of the dresses. I have a thousand of makeup (yeah... I am the real woman!) so, i think i will play with my makeup! (:
Hmmm i will not use makeup at home! Cause... The people will scare to see me at the road. Altough i am not really know, who they are?! Lol
Okay, i will let you know my halloween costume!

How is it? Not really bad!!! I do simple ghost makeup too~
How about my makeup? Hahaha

And the final makeup!!

When i already at there, i really confused. Other is not wear halloween costumes. But, don't worry.. They will wear the costumes!!!

Clue Crew - My Korean Culture Exchange Experience Part 1

Hello dear!!! How are you?! (:
As influencer and also blogger... I always search all about korea culture activity. I hope, i can make a lot of friends and also i can study about korean culture in here >▽< Not only korean culture, i can study korean language for free too HAHAHA *actually when i make conversation with them, i use korean so much!
Okay, back to laptop!!!
And, i will share to you about Clue Crew. Clue Crew is a association for student expatriate who living in korea. Not only student, hmmm i think teenagers? In korea teenagers ages is untill 26 years old.
In the party, i and my new friends share about how hard we living in south korea as foreigner.
Many korean are racism, and many korean have a pure heart... ♥♥♥ Altough koreans like that, i still loving korea ♥.♥
South korea is my house. My sweet home. My best place to grow up and be more mature (:
Okay, back!
In there, we do game, we eat snacks a lot, we laugh, we heard each other, and we let growing up or empathy a…

Coffee Bay - Roasting One Dream at A Time

Hy! Annyeoong ♥♥
Today, i let you know a coffee shop in south korea! Hmm you can find this store almost in side of seoul, but... I will say thanks for first to Coffee Bay at Gui Store.
Lets go!!!

If you go to inside, you will find this!!

Beautiful tumblr >▽< i have to have one!!!
Let me to looking around of cafe!!

Woah... A lot of  menu! I confused to pick one!

The price is enough hihihi

When i wanna choice a cake... I can't choice one! I wanna eat all of them >▽<
But... I have to choice one! Hihihi
So.... I choice.....
Before my cake come, i will show you this side of cafe!! Xixi

And tadaaa!!! My cake and my americano >▽<

Looks delicious!!!
Let me to try!