[REVIEW] I'M MEME Tic Toc Tint-Lip Velvet


Finally, we meet again hohoho
(padahal kemarin juga udah nulis blog wkwk)

Okay, this time~ i will review my new lip-tint velvet!!! Oh my gawd... I just bought new lip tint. I have total 5 of lip-tint and 2 of lip-balm now. Kkkk harap maklum! I am a girl ♥♥♥

Okay, dont waste the time! I will show you about my new lip-tint velvet that i bought >▽<


I bought Tic Toc Lip-Tint Velvet from I'M MEME. I am making sure~ you will know about MEME BOX!!! Yassss i bought in there ♥.♥

I bought lip-tint velvet number 03, and 02. Actually, i search number 01. Cause, number 01 is dracula red color ♥.♥ i think, when i use that, my lips will look so sexy! Kyaaaaa

Number 02 for Orange, and number 03 for Lovely Pink ♥.♥

Lets see in the inside of the box! Tadaaaaaa

Tic Toc Lip Tint Velvet looking a pen. The design package is so cute kkkkk

Lets see the color!!!

So pretty well ♥.♥ hihihi i love that!!!

And for the information, this lip-tint's smell simillar with chocolate >▽< i dont know about taste yet. If really like chocolate..... I just tought, when you kiss with your boyfriend, your boyfriend will love it too hahahahaha *okay nevermind!

I am not a pro beauty blogger, so i don't know about the negative point in this product. That i know.... This lip-balm is so good! Perfect! Mate, little glossy, soft, and has durable time!!! I love this product since i look that with banni-eun last month in COEX MALL. kkkkk

Okay, i wanna go to sleep again. C u later, culimeyerssss ♥.♥

Thanks for reading!!!

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Enjoy your day, Enjoy your diet. Because beautiful is need to war!!!

Last but not for last

Xoxo and annyeooonggggg ♥♥♥


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