Medical Treatment Tour in South Korea, Why Not?

Hy culimeyers~ how are you? I hope you always in good day.

since i at Kindergarten, my father give me know about korean medical treatment. Especial for Korean Traditional Medical Treatment. When i at Senior High School, i did that too.

I heard, in Islam Religion, Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW also do Traditional Medical for make his body keep healthy. And.... I think, korean people developed that traditional medical treatment to be traditional-modern medical treatment.

In this article, i will not tell you about Muhammad's medical treatment story. I will let you about, how South Korea being a great country of Medical Treatment. Yasss i know, Almost of you know, Korea is NUMBER ONE for plastic surgery. But..... Not only plastic surgery! South Korea is also best in other medical treatment.

My Grandfather has diabetes, and did some medical treatment in south korea. Altough, he died because of ages.

My Mother's friend is also do some medical treatment in South Korea for pregnant program. And now, she has twin of boys ♥♥♥

Hmmm some of my friends, do medical treatment tour in South Korea too... For nose plastic surgery, beauty medical treatment, vitamin C for her skin, until liposuction program in south korea for get korean idol body goal.

When i looking them~ i feel... South korea is different way for get health and beauty program.

With my diary, i will let you know about 'where you can get information about korean medical treatment's detail'

For more information, you can check on

(just click, and you will go to the link)

Don't hesitate to open the link! Not only about plastic surgery~ there's a lot of medical treatment that you can choose! :) modern, or traditional... You will get thousands information in there ♥ price, doctor, hospital, result, etc.

And for your information, i do some korean traditional medical treatment to, for keep my weight stuck *and i hope i can be slimer kkkkk

Not only korean product for diet, i using korean treatment product for make my skin be brighter too. Hihihi

I also treating my teeth and my eye with korean traditional and modern medical treatment >▽< and i am so happy! Cause, there is my hospital(?) in the link's list above

Hmmm... If you ask the reason, why suddenly i writing this article... Because i love you all! I will not to let you to meet a lot of illegal brokers for your medical health&beauty treatment who will take much money.

Okay, i have to prepare to go to sleep, now ^^

Thanks for reading ♥♥♥

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Enjoy your life, Enjoy your diet! Because beautiful is need to war!!!

Xoxo and annyeoooongggg ♥♥♥


  1. so caring. thank you! :D by the way, what happened to your eyes? you said you went to hospital because of that.

    1. I used contact lens and injured my eyes. So~ i go to the hospital, and now... My eye getting better ♥♥♥


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