Song Wol Dong Dong Hwa Village - Back To Imagine Child Story

Are you remamber about my trip on China Town in Incheon. Near from there (you can walk by 10 minutes), you will find the Donghwa Village.

Donghwa is korean language that mean as Children Story.

Why i told you about Children Story??? Becauseeee in there, you can back to your children's time.

Many children story in there. Princess, Fairy, Prince, Kingdom, Castle, and etc.

You can take picture in there, also. Cause, there's is a lot of Photo Zone.

Not believing? Just watch it!hohoho

How bout this??? It is so worth it, isn't it?!

If you make trip to South Korea... You can visit Incheon also~ cause, Incheon is not far from Seoul ^^

Many worth place in Incheon... (Actually i already bored with trip places in seoul kkkkk)

Next time, i will let you know the other side of South Korea again! ^^

Okay, c u later!!!

Enjoy you diet, enjoy your life! Because beautiful is need to fight!

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Thanks for reading

Xoxo and annyeoooong ♥♥♥


  1. hi, lucu ya! ky amusement park. mey, kok ga selca?

    1. As information: i dont like to take picture in summer hahaha because... Summer season made me so lazy for using makeup. I sweat everytime :(

  2. ps: i love how you blogging in english so many peeps can read it. zzang!

    1. Kkk i will write in english when... I feel, this information is important information ♥hihihi


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