Tteokbokki House at Hongik University


Dont be bored to meet with me in my blog, yess?! Hohoho

Today, after i translate all of my video from korean to indonesian, i decided to hang-out with Banni-Eun at Hongik University.

In weekend, peoples will change be ants army in here~ hohoho
Not only on Sunday~ the army ants(?) will start on Friday night :"

Okay next!!!

Because feel hungry, we decided to eat our lovely korean food~ TTEOKBOKKI AND SUNDAE ♥.♥

After saw the menus~ Eonni and Me order our food~ go go !!!

We have to order first, and do the payment. Then~ lets go to inside to eat the delicious rice cake >▽< hohoho

I took this picture, while i wait our food order

Not only Korean, There is a lot of foreigner~

As information, this restaurant is also open in America. But... I dont sure, which country of that huhuhu

Okay~ lets see our lovely favorite food!!!

A Plate of Tteokpokki and also Sundae ♥♥♥

Tteokpokki is Rice Cake with Korean Chili Sauce, and Sundae is.... Pork's belly? Hmmm i am not pretty sure~ but... Sundae is part of pork that cook by cow's blood and pork's blood~ there is a noodle in inside too~ ♥.♥  we love this menu so much!!! Hohoho

Okay~ if you wanna go here, you can go to HongIk University line 2, and exit in number 8 >▽<

Because i just arrived to my room (yeps~ we walk around at Hongik Univ untill night. We do shopping, hunting, cafe-ing, and last watch Spiderman) and Seoul's time  is almost 11.50 p.m i have to go bath, and sleep then. So.....

Enjoy your Day, Enjoy your Life, Enjoy your DIET!

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