The Halal Guys Itaewon


I'm back! Hohohohoho >▽<

Today, i will introduce the famous halal food truck in New York!

Huh? New York? Am I visited New York? When?

No no no!!!

I just visited Itaewon, in Seoul, South Korea. Hihihi for what? Just for lunch in this restourant.

"The Halal Guys"

Let me to show what will happen in here hohoho
Lets go!

The Halal Guys, in 2nd floor.

This is the table menu~ not so expensive for the LUXURIOUS TASTE ♥♥♥

And this is mine~ ^^

I ordered the small of beef gyro? Hihihi why small? Cause....... I am on DIET ;; hohoho


The taste is...... Simillar with other Pakistan's Food. But, The Halal Guys is better.. Actually, i dont like pakistan or simillar food :( sorry for pakistanian and the side of middle east asian...

Out from middle east food taste, i like this food cause this is HALAL food~ yeah! Muslim can't eat non halal food, right? So dont worry! Hiihihi

If you wanna eat this halal food, you can go there by MRT (Subway) LINE 6 to go to Itaewon, and exit in number 2. Just walk straight, and you will find the big sign of THE HALAL FOOD ♥♥♥

Looks so delicious, rite?

Okay!!! I will go sleep now :(

Enjoy Your Life. Enjoy Your Diet!

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Xoxo and ANNYEOOONG ♥♥♥


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