Met Korean Actress and Actor Experience (part 01)


Today is Sunday! Yippieeee!!! How are you? Are you wnjoy your weekend, then? Hihihi

I will share with you my best experience in mylife! Hohoho why??? Cause, i got chance to talking with Korean Actor and Actress :3 hihihi

Before i continue my story... Let see this video!

So funny, isn't it???

I met her in last friday >▽< yeaps... As my last story... In friday, i have a meeting! Hohoho

I met our company's client and this eonni...

Let me show you this pict!

She made a short video for her fan who my close friend in Indonesia hohoho

Don't forget to take picture together hahaha

Dont be envy! Hihihi

Ah~ this Eonni also will join with my company, as idol~ so... You can see her on our youtube channel ^^

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Okay~~~ i will back to my daily activity~


Enjoy Your Life, Enjoy Your Day, Enjoy Your Diet!

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Xoxo and annyeooong♥♥♥


  1. so, the video (for your indonesian friend) is only a photo? :( hyunjung joo is her real name? sorry, i'm a newbie.

    1. Video! But.. When i upload in here, changed :(
      Ju Heon Jung. You can search in youtube or naver, and get it! ^^ she is a comedian in here :3


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