Kkokko Chicken Galbi - Korean Restourant in Nami Island


I am back! Hohoho

Today~ i will let you know about restourant that You have to come when you do Gapyeong One Day Tour

Still remamber about my post 'Morning Garden Calm'? Or 'One Day Tour Nami and Petite'?

Yes....... This article still have a connection with that one day your.

When you come to Gapyeong, you have to go to


Why? Because, this restourant have a special taste and also price! >▽< will make you FULL OF HAPPINESS!!!

Let's see the menu!

Not so expensive! If you come with 2 friends, you can ask for 2 person of Chicken Galbi, and 1 person of Fried Rice. Why?? Lets see by your self! Hihihi

For side menus, you can take by yourself. Self service >▽<

And our foods came!

See??? So big portion for us ☞☜

After we ate some, waiters will cook our fried rice.

Hmmm... Delicious!

We enjoyed food!

Diet? Diet will start on next day hohoho

You will easy to search this restourant! Why? Causeeeeeeeeee the restourant is big! Hohoho

Okay, i will back as soon as possible ^^

Enjoy your lige, enjoy your diet!

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