Bong Gu Beer - A Beer Cafe In Korean Star Zone


Kudunya sih sudah di post kemarin malam, tapiiii PAS nyampe rumah udah aja gitu, pusing pengen tidur~ ya.... Sepertinya ini pengaruh minuman ber-alkohol hohoho

Yassss.... Not only pork, sometimes i drink alcohol too

Let me to show you about Korean Worker Lifestyle! Hohoho (actually this isn't for worker only! This is Korean Adult Lifestyle)

In last year~ i ever post about korean worker lifestyle~ but.... I never post in other side hohoho

Yesterday, after i decided to 'BamSae' (work overtime) our CEO company ask me to follow him and other employee to do this lifestyle. Hmmm hwesik? Seems like little party, share some story comfortly, eat a lot of delicious food, drink alcohol, etc (some of them will do this lifestyle untill late of night with karaoke and being drunk).

Actually this posting is not about Korean Lifestyle, but... About The Beer Cafe that has Unique Interior hahaha (i think, almost interior of Beer Cafe is unique)

So~ let me to show you! Hoho

Lets move to inside! Hohoho

Let's look the menu!!

And after choice the menu board~ we decide to order


Hah? Tteokpokki??? Yasss!!! I love tteokpokki so much!

There is fried squid, kerupuk(?), sausages, and fried fries hohoho

We also order a lot of alcohol~ i drunk 2 glass of beer~

Diet??? Bubbay! TT

Okay~ i have to prepare to go office! C u next time!!!

Enjoy your Day, Enjoy Your Life, Enjoy your Diet

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  1. adult-ing! lol! :D i want to try beer too.

    1. Just buy in minimarket then~ dont buy for the bottle~ just buy a can of beer?


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