Bbollala Baekhwajom - Let Me Back To 90's


Still at same day when i visited Hongik University in last sunday.

I told you, that i hanged-out untill 11 pm, rite???

Yesss! Today, i will let you know about my schedule(?) that time hohoho

Actually, after i visited The Tteokpokki House, i and Eonni ate hotdog in a little hotdog cafe. And suddenly we changed be pig LOL. I will let you know that little hotdog cafe, in next post. Because.... I have to let you know about 90's shop near of Hongik University >▽<

How can i go there??? Yesss~ that story will be start from, my curious mind hahaha 'what is that?' 'let me go inside! I curious~!'

So... I took some pictures again, and i will share with you too ♥ hohoho

Lets go to inside!!!

So excited! Cause... I feel i back to my childhood >▽< hohoho How bout you?

If you wanna go here, you can look the map's picture ^^

From Hong Ik University line 2, exit number 7, you can follow the map bellow hahaha

Okay~ i have to go now!! ^^

Enjoy your Day, Enjoy Your Life, Enjoy Your Diet!

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