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Bong Gu Beer - A Beer Cafe In Korean Star Zone

Kudunya sih sudah di post kemarin malam, tapiiii PAS nyampe rumah udah aja gitu, pusing pengen tidur~ ya.... Sepertinya ini pengaruh minuman ber-alkohol hohoho
Yassss.... Not only pork, sometimes i drink alcohol too
Let me to show you about Korean Worker Lifestyle! Hohoho (actually this isn't for worker only! This is Korean Adult Lifestyle)

In last year~ i ever post about korean worker lifestyle~ but.... I never post in other side hohoho
Yesterday, after i decided to 'BamSae' (work overtime) our CEO company ask me to follow him and other employee to do this lifestyle. Hmmm hwesik? Seems like little party, share some story comfortly, eat a lot of delicious food, drink alcohol, etc (some of them will do this lifestyle untill late of night with karaoke and being drunk).
Actually this posting is not about Korean Lifestyle, but... About The Beer Cafe that has Unique Interior hahaha (i think, almost interior of Beer Cafe is unique)
So~ let me to show you! Hoho

Lets move t…

Shaky Shaky Hot Dog at Hongik University

As my promise~ I will share to you about Bani-Eun Eonni and My Experience to being PIG cause we eat much in one day at Hongik University on last sunday :" hohoho
So~ after we ate Tteokpokki, we go around and find a little cafe that sell Hot Dog as Main Menu ♥.♥
Not only Sundae and Tteokpokki, our lovely snack is Sausages ★★★ hohoho
So.... We decided to being close, to look the price and...... Open our pocket to pay the Hot Dog ♥.♥ hohoho
And/ this is it!!!

The price make us be .... *loading*
After Eonni order the Hot Dog~ we wait for a while~
Then... We got our Hot Dog!

We wont to be pig, so.... Just divides to be 2 hohoho
For price~ i will give 4.5 of stars And for taste~ i will give 4 of stars
You can easy to find this cafe when you go to Hongik University ^^
Okay~ see you on next post!!! ^^
Enjoy your Day, Enjoy Your Life, Enjoy Your DIET!!!
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xoxo and annyeooong ♥♥♥

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Bbollala Baekhwajom - Let Me Back To 90's

Still at same day when i visited Hongik University in last sunday.
I told you, that i hanged-out untill 11 pm, rite???
Yesss! Today, i will let you know about my schedule(?) that time hohoho
Actually, after i visited The Tteokpokki House, i and Eonni ate hotdog in a little hotdog cafe. And suddenly we changed be pig LOL. I will let you know that little hotdog cafe, in next post. Because.... I have to let you know about 90's shop near of Hongik University >▽<

How can i go there??? Yesss~ that story will be start from, my curious mind hahaha 'what is that?' 'let me go inside! I curious~!'
So... I took some pictures again, and i will share with you too ♥ hohoho

Lets go to inside!!!

DOB GAMJATANG - A Restaurant of Korean Pork Bone Stew Near of Konkuk University

I'm back with interesting news hahahaha yasss!!! Because of my schedule~ i got 4 post in oneday~ hahaha
Are you remamber with my last post???
Yasss! About Korean Actor and Actress who i met~ hohoho

I took that picture in front of A Restaurant of Korean Food 'Gamja-Tang' or the whole people will call as 'Pork Bone Soup Stew'
The Restauran's name is DOB GAMJATANG
(Sorry, i forgot to took of Restaurant's front side)
Okay~ lets go on!! Gogo Sing!!!
Actually, the day is rainy day when i came to there. So~ i forgot to took about inside picture too :(
But~ the inside looking is not important enough~ cause....... The important is about food! Hahaha
Let me show you about their delicious food!!!

This food is salad! Not the main food OKAY~ HIHIHI
Let me show the main menu!!!

If you can eat pork, you can ask them about beef! ^^
Hmm... How about price???
Don't worry be happy! Hohoho

Not so expensive~
Our CEO's company ask us to eat as much as can. Yas..…