MADUMAK - The Playing Cafe Near From Konkuk University


What are you doing, culimeyers???

How your today? Nice???

Today~ i will share with you about 'playing cafe' near from Konkuk University.

Just 5minutes to walk from Common Ground ♥.♥

That is..... MADUMAK

Yeah~ that is my dating date!

Of course~ i visited there with my lovely Bani-eun Eonni ♥.♥

Yeah~ she is.....

And how bout me???

Yeah~ here i am ♥.♥

If you ask, ' what is the place?'

This place is....... Playing cafe area ♥♥♥

Just pay about 9.000/person for playing around 90minutes. (free drink as you want)

If you wanna extance, you have to pay the extence ♥♥♥ around 500 korean won per 10 minutes ♥

The cafe also prepare some photozone area :3

Are we beautiful? Kkk

Hmm... You can make your nail being beautiful too ♥♥♥

Not only nail table, you also healing your body on the healing chair ♥ hihihi

And if you wanna go here~

Just go to Konkuk University Station exit number 6, and look the map below ♥.♥

Okay~ thanks for reading

Enjoy your life, enjoy your day, because BEAUTIFUL is need

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