The Legend POOP CAKE at Insadong, Seoul

Hai..... Halooooooooooooo

So~ i wanna share you about the VIRAL of cake in Seoul, South Korea.

Did you know ~


Yas...... That cake is so..... FAMOUS last year~!

Why??? Cause~ the cake has different shape 😂😂😂hihihi


When i bring my Tourist walking around of Gwanghwamun and Gyeongbokgung~ i also bring them to INSADONG...

We went to SSamjigil~ and found that cake at the last floor hihihi

Yesss!!! The cake's store issssss

The cake just 1.000 Korean Won~ or at dollar just 1 dollar :)

And this is mine!!!

The shape issssss so CUTE!!! xixixi~ and also~  there is chocolate inside :3 delicious!!! The texture is so soft >▽<

You can go there by Subway at Anguk Station exit number 6~ you have to go to Ssamjagil Culture Center ^^

Okay~ C U next time!!!

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xoxo and annyeonggggg ♥♥♥


  1. The cake is so cute! The creator is so creative to make such thing. Hope I can try that cake (wishing I live in Korea actually) Hahaha.


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