Si Enom - Indonesian Traditional Drink


I wrote a month experiences in Indonesia for many times 😜

You can open on 'April's Folder' :) ← just click and you will go the folder hihihi

Okay~ NEXT!!!

So, i will let you know~ about Indonesia Traditional Drink, that call as "SINOM"

Yeps!!! Sinom made from juice tamarin and also turmeric.

As long as I stay in Indonesia~ i drink that a lot~ cause#~~ i love that! Hihihi

In Indonesia, with Kiki, I made some design, right~?!

Nah!!! I also made about Design Package~

I think and think~ 'what will we do?' asked me to Kiki, my bestie~~~

And~~ i got a crazy idea!!!

I made~~~~

I asked 30.000 korean won, to my daddy~

for buy bottles, and a material for make Sinom!

I also ask money, for...... Print the label ^^~


That label is made by me~ ♥♥♥

I call SINOM as SI ENOM~ 😜😘

Every sunday, I and Kiki went to Taman Bungkul Surabaya, for sell our products hihihi

Not so expensive~

You will spent your 4.500 Indonesia Rupiah, for 1 bottle, but.... You if you buy 3 bottles~ you just pay about 10.000 indonesia rupiah ♥♥♥

Not expensive!!!

When i back to Seoul, Kiki and my big brother Hilal continues SI ENOM :)

Hmm... I hope, si enom will be bigger and bigger~ amen!!!

If you need a package designer, you can leave in comment~ or ask me to my email ^^

Hmmm~ or maybe you wanna order this traditional drink??? You can order by whatsapp +6287823237244 :)

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Okay~ i will back in next time! C U next time~♥♥

Xoxo and annyeong~!!!♥♥♥


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