Pasta Chicken Cafe at Konkuk University

Holla!!! Hy~~~

How are you, guys? Ling time no see, yeah~?!

So, nowadays i'm so busy!! I learning about greenscreen and also abofut profesional effect in Adobe After Effect~

So, today~

I was visited A Cute Pasta Chicken Restaurant with my roommate Banieun. Yeah~ She needs some entertainments because of her job~ ^^

So, with her, i decided to go there~

Banieun is PASTA's BIG FANS!!! Hihihihi

Like other days~ this story come from a place near from Konkuk University :)


And~ lets go to inside ♥

You can write some messages for this restaurant ♥♥♥

Okay~ next!!!

And this is the menu's price♥♥♥ not to expensive, is it?

I took a lot of Eonni Banieun's Picture hihihi

And~~~ we will wait about the menus!!!





Are you exciting? Hihihi




Okay!!! This is our menus ♥♥♥

Looks delicious, rite???


And~~~~ this pasta, pizza, and also garlic bread is soooo 'OISHI' ~?!?!?!

If you go to South Korea, specialy go to Seoul~

Don't forget to visit Konkuk University~ cause~~~~ THERE IS A LOT OF FUNNY PLACE ♥.♥

And also~ dont forget to visit this pasta chicken restaurant, too~~♥♥

If you wanna go here, you can see a map picture in under this phrase~ ♥♥♥


I will go now~ time to sleep!!!

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Xoxo and ANNYEONG~♥♥♥


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