Opening 3D Logo After Effect



How are you, today???

Hfffttt i can't sleep [AGAIN] huhuhu
I dont know~ nowadays, i can sleep well -.-

So~~~ i use my wake time to study more about ADOBE AFTER EFFECT!!!

i studying about Effects and Preset, about Footage, and more~~ all about Adobe After Effect! ♥♥

I also learning about greenscreen and "how to make electric on your video" too ★★★

And~ not need a lot of time~ just less than 1 month~ i can make some cool animation look-like Hollywood's Film Fantasy~ YEAH!!! AS MY DREAM ♥.♥

As you know~ i have a big dream~ and i hope.. I can reach my dream as soon as possible ♥♥♥

I will show you~ about my footage kkk

I made by myself~ actually... I can make more glamour than this~ but.... You know lah~ my laptop Apc is so LEMOT --" aka slow --" slower than a turtle(?) kkk


I made opening logo for film~ and i hope... In future~ i can make my own film hihihi

I hope i can be great film director or~ film editor? Or... Film producer? Hihihi

Okay~~ this is my video! Enjoy with 6 seconds!!

How is it??? So simple, rite? Hmmm~

Kkk... Okay! Time to sleep!!! ^^

Ah!!! I forgot something~ hihihi

Dont forget to visit my Korean Blog too♥♥♥ >> STAR'S DIARY

Have a nice dream~



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