Go To Art Box at Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea

Holaaaaa~~~ lahooooo(?)

On last May 16th, i went to Myeongdong~ (for take some money that sent by my moms(?))

Ok~ just go a head! :)

Then~~~ i looking around in there~

I dont have Idea, where will i go at Myeongdong. So~~~ i entry to Line Friends in there.

But .... I think i wrote review about Line Friend at Myeongdong, and... After i checked at home... My article about Line Friends there is only one! And That is Itaewon's Line Friends (you can go to my article by click)

So~ i very regret ㅠ cuz, all of picture that i took at Myeongdongs's Line Friends was deleted~ ㅠ and. I dont have backup~ and alsooo i lost my ipad~ i will share next time after i open my iclouds :)

Ok~ forget it :)

Then ......... I go to Line Friends's beside~ there is Raum, Giordano, SPAO, eight seconds, and also ART BOX!!!

I will let you know~ what is Art Box in this article :)

So~ Art Box is a stationary store~ did you know~~~

If you go to inside~~~ THERE IS A LOT OF CUTE THINGSSSSSS >▽<

To be honest~ there is Art Box in around of Konkuk University too~ but.................. Myeongdong's Art Box is different! Why??? Cause, there is 3 floor~ and..... Cute Stationary is more than in Konkuk's store

Lets go inside!!!

The cute chatacters will Greeting you in first time you go to inside of Art Box ^^

So cute, right?!

There is A LOT OF DOLLS!!! I really wanna buy that (again)

But~ you know lah....

I sent all of my doll to Indonesia (My Home). And.... My mom was angry~ cuz i have a lot of doll in this age--"

Lets go to 2nd floor ♥♥♥

Second floor or third floor's stationary almost same :)

I am not forget to took selca hahaha

And~~~ the final floor~~~

Third FLOOR ♥♥♥

I took selca AGAIN hahahaha

Fyi(?) i am not using makeup on that day~ sooooo.... That is my bareface 🐣😜

And~~~ i also took a video for my VLOG.

But.... Just wait hihihi~ when I have free time~ i will edit~ and upload to my Youtube channel ★★★

If you wanna go here~

You can take off from Subway Line number 4 (Myeongdong station) and look the map bellow ^^

This Art Box is number 2.

So~ if you already at Myeongdong Statio, you can go to Exit number 5 or 6 ^^

Okay culimers~~~ i have to Sleep in this time~ cause~~~ i have not sleep time enough ~

And don't forget to visit my Korea blog too >> Star's Diary [just click, and you will go there]

Okay~ C U in the next time ♥



  1. penasaran pet goods & fitness section-nya sih, me.. could be interesting.

    1. Ayoooo kapan ke korea? Main bareng mbek aku :D

    2. 2 years from now (really considering it).

  2. wahh di korea memang banak banget tempat-tempat keren yang bisa di kunjungi..


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