Birthday Motion Graphic - A Birthday Present by Me


Hmm~ today i dont have any story~ because....
Yesterday, i just spent my time at home.

I prepared a gift for my Best Korean Friend..

Are you remamber with Lee Ji Min?

Yeah~ A Girl who being my bestie start someday before we got graduation.

I uploaded a lot of her pictures in here ^^

Hmm not a lot, but... Some xixixi

Okay next!

So, She was birthday on May 3rd. She asked me a present. But... I still do not get my salary from my office. Hehe

So... I decided to made a unique present that korean never do before...

Yeps~ that is "motion graphic" ★★★

For your information, i am not a master in Adobe After Effect. But~~~ i studying After Effect since last year on December?

If you curious why i study about after effect? Because... I do Illustration and Photoshop before, dont you? So... I just wanna make some change for my life ♥

And... I do very fast~ (yeah... I late 1 day on her bday) so... I think, my video duration is weird :( just 23seconds...

I will share about the video

Jja-jjang......... That is my gift for Lee Ji Min~

Not really good~ but.... I made from my deep heart as her friend 😜

Chi Mins..... Plz study english :p *메롱

A~ and did you know????

Now... I got some order about "Motion Graphic Video Birthday Present" hehehe ㅠ

I hope~ i really can handle that as fast as i can ♥


XOXO and Annyeong.... ♥


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