2017 Beer Week Seoul Festival


Today's weather is NICE but.... so F*CKing HOT!!!

Okay~ nevermind about weather.

Today, i did go to somewhere to meet with someone(?) at a korean restaurant.

If you ask me, today i didn't go to office?

I will answer~ if today is my office's holiday(?)

Yes~ today is 석간탄신일. Seems like Budha's day. So~ every office are resting just for today.

When i go there, I find some activity which many people in there. So, after i met with that person...

I decide to visit the place 😜

Yups~ that's activity is....


"The Beer Week Seoul Festival"

The festival will be held start today, untill Sunday on 7th May at Common Ground, Seoul - South Korea

So~ when you have not any schedule~ you can go there for try some alcohol drink~

I who interest, decide to visit for some minutes~ and take picture ♥

So~ i go from the gate

Yeps! So many people in there...

I also walked around for looking whats type of beet that presenting by them.

I'm not sure~ what kind of beer 😂

So~ i keep walking~ and find....

A accoustic band is playing music. (Yeah of course~ that is accoustic band --") hahaha

They are playing IU's new song that i heard everyday at my office 😜 hmm bored? Of course~ but i like it!!!

And for your information, i'm not drinker addict. So..... In the hot weather~ i will not drink (expect ICE WATER or Orange Juice) lol.

I also decided to do not drink alcohol when i walk alone, and there's not PJB in myside...

~ imey!!! plz~ get move on fast!

Okay~ that is my Today's Story...

For you who alcohol addict~ you should to go there ♥ cause.... You will find (almost) all kind of alcohol 😜

And~ don't forget to take your meal...

Ah!!! I forget something~^^

Culimeyers~~ dont forget to visit my Korean blog >> 별의 일기

XOXO and Annyeong ♥♥♥


  1. kamu tinggal di luar negeri tapi bahasa inggrisnya jelek banget. coba selain belajar korea belajar bahasa inggris juga.


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