My Way To Spent Time in Indonesia #part01

Hy All~ how are you?
I hope you all are well!!!
Don't forget to take your meal, or take your time to sleep :)

As you know,
Last month i go back to Indonesia for a mission hihih
but~ i back again to South Korea.

I thought, that time is my time to for good to comeback home.
So, i sent all of my stuff to Indonesia. and did you know?!
i lost my room at my home!!!

yeps~ i don't know sure, why my parent do that to me~
No one else that be their daughter~ but... i don't know

Okay, back to laptop!

Day by day~ i just spent my times with my childhood friend, Kiki
Kiki, who i know her at 4th grade on Elementary School.
Almost 11 years our friend relationship.
How about you? Have you a best friend, too??

Yups! She is Kiki, Rizky Putranti ★

Everybody know~
I and Kiki have a real friendship~
and you can see too, from our selcas and pictures~~~
Kiki and Me are complete each other.

She so slim, and... Okay you can judge by yourself hihihi

On Elementary school, She and me are naughty student.
Why??? cause, every friday we always go out from class.
To go to shopping mall, or go to cinema, or just hanged out hihihi

I do anything with her during 11 years :D

but, during i in South Korea, we just do LDR
long distance relationsh*t hihihi...
yeps~ much people are not believe with long distance relationship.
not for friendrelation, but for love relation hahahaha


She almost everyday visit my home, last month~
cause,we have project XD
we dating every monday~friday,
and for weekend, we just spent our time to our family hihihi

We watched movie together,

Hanging out together,

Download some korean movie together,

Do design something, together,


we spent a lot of time for quality time!!! ^^

if you are doing LDR with your bestie, or your love partner~
you can comment in under!! ^^

share 'How you spent time with your lovely person' too ♥

okay~ i will back tomorrow for share part 2, to you all ★

xoxo and Annyeong :*


  1. kuwi foto pas aku jadi model ala ala. asisten kok kaburan kowe iki, maa

    1. Sowreh~~ yang asisten sapa ya? 😂😂😂 wkwkwk


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