"MAKMU" A Cozy Cafe For Instagramers in Surabaya

I'm back! YESSSSSS

Hmm today is Saturday~

I spent my weekend in bed for sleep XD hahaha

if you ask, why i just spent time with sleep? because~ in early morning i did some exercise, then... i also have not couple or something like that bahaks)

I also deleted some file in my laptop today~

there is 37,8GB that i have to delete in this evening~ hihihi

I really have a lot of sweet memories on my laptop since 2014. there is many picture's of Park Jin Beom :"D

Okay~ Move on!!!


I will let you know 'How To I Spent Time in Indonesia' again~ xixi

you can read part 1 , and part 2 by click that sentence kkkkk

and this is my story~

★ part 3 ★

So, in the heavy rain, my brother asked me to join he and his wife to met with a celebrity instagram at a cozy cafe. he told me that the cafe is so cozy and unique. so match with me who a blogger that make some review of place of food, cafe, or something like that.

then, I tried to believe him.

then~ I though, that he said is not liar! why???

I did to go to ..............


'MAKMU' aka Makan Murah (Eat with cheap prices)

Let's see about design interior~

which many people said, the interior will make your instagram account be complete :)

Then let's go to second floor~ hihihi

How is it? so cozy right????

After i take some picture~

I start to order foods

So many people in there, isn't it???

Okay~ i decided to order 'Kue Cubit' and also some of food hehehe

after we order food, we will got a card, and we should to pay the order.

I also to order .....

Yessssssss!!!! SAMYANG with EXTRA CHILI ♥♥♥

Dont forget to take selcas wahahaha

I am not sure, why my face look so bad lol

Ok, next~

After take selcas, our order came :3

As usually~ do not forget to order 'Americano' hahaha

My Chicken Barbeque :3

And my lovely 'Bulddak Pokkemyeon" with extras Chilies ♥

Yeah~ that is my favorite ♥

Can you suggest, how much i spent my money???

O-hoooo~ just 9.000 Korean Won >o<

It is so cheap, isn't it???

Not only cheap, Interior design which make your instagram complete is so match with you~

Kue Coobeet is also recommended ♥ you can order, and share with your lovely person ^^

I Love This Cafe ★

If you wanna go there, you can go to:

Jl. Dr. Ir. Soekarno Hatta Blok M No. 32 Rungkut Kidul (Merr Rungkut)
Surabaya, East Java - Indonesia

or, you can visit their instagram @makmu_sby first :):):)

Okay~ this time is SLEEP TIME!!!

So, i will go sleep now~ You should to go sleep too ★

Have a nice dream,  and, annyeong...............!!!



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