Gili Ketapang, The Other Gili In Indonesia

Hy guys~!
how are you today?

Okay~ this is my 2nd part of  'My Way to Spent Time in Indonesia"

You can check part one in here >> "My Way to Spent Time in Indonesia"

I still remamber, that is my 4th day i spent time in East Java - Indonesia.

To be honest, i will go to Pantai 3 Warna, in that day. But~~~ no one can go there~ cause..... there no one can walk so far like me walk in Korea on foot.

So, my brother searched about 'beautiful beach' in East Java. then~ we found 'Gili Ketapang'

Okay~ my brother try to call the person who has a boat rent to go to Gili Ketapang.

First time, i will go to with my brother, my sister in law, and also Kiki, my bestie. but... Kiki can't go there beause... you know-lah~~~ Her parent did not give her permission to go Gili Ketapang.

Yeah~ From Surabaya to Gili Ketapang, you will spent time about 3 or 4 hours by car. so i go there on the midnight.

In the morning, maybe at 6 or 7 o'clock~
We was in Probolinggo. We will go to Gili Ketapang by Boat, which has 30 minutes to spent to go there.

and! tada~~~~

i feel no regret!!!


Gili Ketapang is So BEAUTIFUL!!!!

but~ no no~ i am not only in that zone hihihi

My Brother and His wife will go to snorkling, so~ I took their picture when they are studying about Snorkling.

I have reason, why i am not snorkling too~

yeps i have not clothes to change.. so i decide to don't do snorkling.

i just taking selcas on boat hahaha

but i just upload 1...

Am I look like Syahrini, now? hihihi

okay~ next!!!

After they did snorkling, we came back to the island. i took some selcas again XD

the sand is so white and... soft~~~

Actually, i am not sure~ why i wrote this :"

Yeps~ Park Jin Beom ㅠㅠ

Please!!! GET MOVE ON!!!!

time is way so fast~

Now is time to go back to Surabaya, to continue the real life.

Okay~ See You next Time!!!


so beautiful, isn't it?

Okay~ wait for my story in Indonesia part 3 :)

now~ i have to continue my task hihihi

have a nice day, and Annyeong~~~~~~~~~~!!! ♥


  1. Elu tiduran di situ dikira ikan salmon yg baru di tangkep im 😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Kan niatnya biar kaya syahrini weee 😂😂😂


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