Cafe Taw - The Other Unique Coffee Shop Near From Konkuk University

Hy...I came back as my promise!!!

today, i will let you know about Coffee Shop (again) that near from Konkuk University.
that cafe is ......

Yaps!!! Cafe Taw. the name is so cute, isnt it????

if you ask me, how can i found this cafe?, i will let you know!

that time, i and Bani-Eun visited her boyfriend in a restorant, then.. after that, i and her go to SMTOWN .. hmmm no no no, we gone to COEX for watch some festival, but.... that is kpop festival, so... We just looking around in COEX Mall. Bani-Eun bought a beautiful glasses, and me??? i dont buy anything hihihi

okay, back to topic!!!

After that, We came back to our lovely room. and, suddenly... we found this cute cafe.

then, We go on to there.

So, comfortable, ismt it???

let's see about price !!! hihihi

I and Bani-eun make some part. She will order menu, and i just looking around, then take some pictures for you all hihihi

so minimalist, isn't it? hehehe

dont forget to us to taking some selcas XD hahaha

and... our 'juin-gong' coming!!!!


as usually, mine is Americano, and other is Bani-eun's order hihihi

if you want to go there, you can looking by maps that i uploaded in under hehehe

Okay Culimers,,, if i have some free time again, i will let you know about my business that making me look so BUSY!!! hihih

Okay, dont forget to taking your lunch, and xoxo 안녕!!! ★♥

★ for your information, I and Bani-eun decided to not being KPopers Fans [AGAIN]

why??? Bcause, we wanna focus on our dream,
and we wanna focus on common korean man xixixi
Korean Man are don't like kpop idol wkwkwkwk
and i think, Korean Man is more handsome than Korean Idol wkwkwk
okay, bye hahaha


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