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Cerita Dibalik Pembuatan VLOG Challenge Nuclear Buldalk Pkkemyeon Samyang

Hallo everybodeh~

I'm back with Laptop canggih ku yang Super Duper Lemot ini wkwkwk
So, i will let you know about behind the scene of my vlog about Samyang Challenge Nuclear version.
Ya! Pas Ke Inodnesia kemarin, aku membawa lumayan banyak bungkus dari 핵 불닭볶음면 (Samyang Nuclear) aku tangga tau, kenapa namanya jadi samyang, padahal 'Samyang' is brand name plz...
Jadi,,, aku kan ada project sama Kiki, tentang Indesire gitu , sekalian deh.. I made video challenge.
dan kebetulan, ada temennya kiki, namanya Tata yang ikut main ke rumah aku.
First time, I, Kiki, and Tata will made comercial video about korean makeup, but~ our plan is changed to be make a vlog gitu lah..
jadiiii di challenge nya itu, kita sudah prepared banget sama yang namanya "Capsaicin", "Bon Cabe level 30", Saos Sambal AIUEO(?), dan sinom - sebuah jus yang terbuat dari asam jawa.
kebetulan, si Tata ini engga bisa makan pedes kan ya.. tapiii malah si Tata yang duluan kalah. alhasil, Tata yan…

CURHAT - Beribu Pertanyaan Di Kepala

sebenernya aku mau nulis part 4 nya 'How To I Spent My Time in Indonesia'

tapiiiii melihat keadaan laptop ku yang super duper lemot gini, rasanya males banget deh yaaaaaaaa buat utak-utik laptop huhuhu

Apalagi buat upload foto gitu~

kan banyak banget foto yang aku ambil ketika di Indonesia ㅠㅠ

i need to buy new laptop~ ㅠㅠ

Hmm, jadi~ sekarang aku engga tau mau ngebahas apaan disini :"

Ah ini aja deh, aku mau cerita wkwk

Masih seputaran pjb sih kayaknya :"

PJB??? what???? ga move on-move on, mey? wkwkwk

bukan ga move on... cuma... entahlah -_-"

Sebelumnya, mau ngucapin selamat dulu buat PJB yang sudah menyelesaikan 9 bulan pertamanya di kegiatan kewajibannya sebagai warga negara Korea Selatan yang baik.

Tinggal setahun lagi ciyeeee.........

Cepet keluar dari wamil, terusssss cepet selesaikan semua yang emang ingin di selesaikan :)

Doaku selalu bersamamu...

-------      MEY.... MOVE ON!!!!!!!!

Ok, i will move on, but..........................

rasanya hati dan pikira…

"MAKMU" A Cozy Cafe For Instagramers in Surabaya

I'm back! YESSSSSS

Hmm today is Saturday~

I spent my weekend in bed for sleep XD hahaha

if you ask, why i just spent time with sleep? because~ in early morning i did some exercise, then... i also have not couple or something like that bahaks)

I also deleted some file in my laptop today~

there is 37,8GB that i have to delete in this evening~ hihihi

I really have a lot of sweet memories on my laptop since 2014. there is many picture's of Park Jin Beom :"D

Okay~ Move on!!!


I will let you know 'How To I Spent Time in Indonesia' again~ xixi

you can read part 1 , and part 2 by click that sentence kkkkk

and this is my story~

★ part 3 ★

So, in the heavy rain, my brother asked me to join he and his wife to met with a celebrity instagram at a cozy cafe. he told me that the cafe is so cozy and unique. so match with me who a blogger that make some review of place of food, cafe, or something like that.

then, I tried to believe him.

then~ I though, that he said is not li…

Gili Ketapang, The Other Gili In Indonesia

Hy guys~!
how are you today?

Okay~ this is my 2nd part of  'My Way to Spent Time in Indonesia"

You can check part one in here >> "My Way to Spent Time in Indonesia"

I still remamber, that is my 4th day i spent time in East Java - Indonesia.

To be honest, i will go to Pantai 3 Warna, in that day. But~~~ no one can go there~ cause..... there no one can walk so far like me walk in Korea on foot.

So, my brother searched about 'beautiful beach' in East Java. then~ we found 'Gili Ketapang'

Okay~ my brother try to call the person who has a boat rent to go to Gili Ketapang.

First time, i will go to with my brother, my sister in law, and also Kiki, my bestie. but... Kiki can't go there beause... you know-lah~~~ Her parent did not give her permission to go Gili Ketapang.

Yeah~ From Surabaya to Gili Ketapang, you will spent time about 3 or 4 hours by car. so i go there on the midnight.

In the morning, maybe at 6 or 7 o'clock~
We was in Probolinggo…

My Way To Spent Time in Indonesia #part01

Hy All~ how are you?
I hope you all are well!!!
Don't forget to take your meal, or take your time to sleep :)

As you know,
Last month i go back to Indonesia for a mission hihih
but~ i back again to South Korea.

I thought, that time is my time to for good to comeback home.
So, i sent all of my stuff to Indonesia. and did you know?!
i lost my room at my home!!!

yeps~ i don't know sure, why my parent do that to me~
No one else that be their daughter~ but... i don't know

Okay, back to laptop!

Day by day~ i just spent my times with my childhood friend, Kiki
Kiki, who i know her at 4th grade on Elementary School.
Almost 11 years our friend relationship.
How about you? Have you a best friend, too??

Yups! She is Kiki, Rizky Putranti ★
Everybody know~ I and Kiki have a real friendship~ and you can see too, from our selcas and pictures~~~ Kiki and Me are complete each other.
She so slim, and... Okay you can judge by yourself hihihi
On Elemen…

Cafe Taw - The Other Unique Coffee Shop Near From Konkuk University

Hy...I came back as my promise!!!
today, i will let you know about Coffee Shop (again) that near from Konkuk University. that cafe is ......

Yaps!!! Cafe Taw. the name is so cute, isnt it????
if you ask me, how can i found this cafe?, i will let you know!
that time, i and Bani-Eun visited her boyfriend in a restorant, then.. after that, i and her go to SMTOWN .. hmmm no no no, we gone to COEX for watch some festival, but.... that is kpop festival, so... We just looking around in COEX Mall. Bani-Eun bought a beautiful glasses, and me??? i dont buy anything hihihi
okay, back to topic!!!
After that, We came back to our lovely room. and, suddenly... we found this cute cafe.
then, We go on to there.

So, comfortable, ismt it???
let's see about price !!! hihihi

I and Bani-eun make some part. She will order menu, and i just looking around, then take some pictures for you all hihihi

so minimalist, isn't it? hehehe
dont forget to us to taking some selcas XD hahaha

and... our 'juin-…