From Nami Island, to Petite France.

Hi there! I am back!!!

Finally, i can really feel free when i go to Nami Island. I can take a lot of selfies and eat a lot of Nami's korean snack. I can take some message picture for my beloved person too!!!

Let me told you about my trip to Chucheon, Nami Island and also the famous one, Petite France in Korea :)

In the wednesday morning, i decide to go to Nami Island by bus. But, when i go there by bus, the trip will take about 3hours more from seoul. So, i re-seach "how to go to Nami Island" from Naver (a seaching engine in korea).

I got the other way to go to Nami Island. So, from my subway station i have to go to Yongsan Station in line number 1. After that, i buy 2 tickets of ITX (the other one of korean train). Why I bought 2 tickets? Cause i go there with my friend who came from China. He also an Indonesian.

The original prize is 6.900 krw, but there is some discount. So for 1 person, u have to pay almost 5.000 krw. And also, if you go there by train, i thought you just need 50minutes or 1hour. You have to go train, from Yongsan Station to Gapyong Station.

I landed in Gapyong Station. In front of Gapyong Station, there is an information service. In there you can take some brochure of information about Nami Island, and also Petite France.

There is 2 ways to go to Nami Island from Gapyong Station. You can take suttle bus (you need around 6000 krw/person in one day) or by taxi (around 4000krw). The Suttle Bus is always come every 1hour once.

You can buy the ticket from bus drivers. Just told him how many tickets that you needs, he will give you ticket and take your money :). I go to Nami Island from Gapyong by taxi, so i not sure, how time that you need if you want go to Nami Island from Gapyong St. But if you go there by taxi, just around 5minutes???

Finally!!! I am back to Nami Island without Tour and Traver group. Hahaha

I bought 2 visas (tickets name if you want to go to Nami Island) in Tickets Place. For me and my friend. The original price is 10.000 krw, but if you are foreigner, or Korean student, you will got discount. So you just pay about 8.000 krw. Hmm, for baby around 3 ~ 6 years old, there is special price! Just 4.000 krw

You will go to Nami Island by boat. The boat's capacity is 300~500person. There is many flag from other country that made the boat looks cute!!

Can you imagine, how many person in that boat? Hihihi

After you in the boat during 8minutes, you will see the greeting message in front of Nami Island.

Not only this picture. Many greeting message if you go there deeply.

You can write your wishes in color paper, and tie up in the place that already to tie up your wishes. Many wishes in there. From Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

The big Winter Sonata's (the legend korean drama) poster, will say "hello" to you too.

You can take picture in the chair that already in there.

Theres many snowman's greeting dolls in inside. And There is greeting message with Indonesian Language.

I think.... I found my twin brother that lost when i child/? Hohoho

I also eat Korean Hot-tteok as special snack in there.

I take a lot of selfies...hohoho

My wacth shows me about 12p.m, i and my friend who think enough in inside, back there, to go to Petite France!

I walked to Seven-Eleven minimart in front of Nami's information center. I and him have to wait the bus in there. I wait during 45minutes (maybe).

After 1hour 10minutes in the pass, i arrived in Petite France, The Little Prince will greet you in front of there.

How about ticket price? That is similar with Ticket for go to Nami Island. You need 8.000 krw for entry Petite France.

I take a lot of selca too in inside >.<

I also found the cute baby in inside >.<

I take many picture untill my ipad's storage being full.

What is Petite France? I am not sure, but.... You can see about France in a few centuries ago. The Folk of France is complete in there.

The day is being dark. I have to go to back to seoul. I take suttle bus (with tickets that i bought before) to go to Chongpyeong Station. I will buy ITX tickets, but there is not ITX from there. So, i take my favorite transportation during in korea. Yeah! That is a Train Subway. With T-Money, you just pay around 2.000 krw and in 1hour 10minutes, you will arrive in Sangbong Station and you can transfer line number 7 if you want to go to Jangam Sation or Bupyong District. In subway line number 7, you can go anywhere that you want! Not only Jangnam or Bupyong District actually.

Hmm, how bout my mew experience when i trip in Nami Island and Petite France? Are you be excited to go there? OK! Just keep your money first before go trip to korea. I will let you know all about Korean Culture, and also Korean Tourist Place in Seoul or anywhere, when i go to trip again ^^



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